For this issue of The Social Networth (an empowering movement starring content creators using their visibility for causes), we honor all arts and all artists.  Our feature is called #Weareallart and we are benefiting the incredible charity The Art of Elysium.  Since 1997 The Art of Elysium has been pairing volunteer artists with communities in Los Angeles to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis. They serve medically fragile children, teens, adults, seniors, those dealing with social, emotional and mental health issues, and the homeless. 

These featured 10 content creators are artists in their own right.  Some of them are singers, actors, writers, podcasters, comedians, and storytellers.  They keep putting themselves out there on their social platforms to express themselves.  They all come from different backgrounds and social status.  Their goal is to create, inspire and use their social media visibility for a cause bigger then they are.  We honor The Art of Elysium for the work that they do.  Everyone deserves to be heard and seen because we are all art.

To find out more about The Art of Elysium please go to: www.theartofelysium.organd get involved by either donating or becoming part of the incredible work that they do.  

By:  Jorge Perez
Edited by: Derek Warburton
Photography: Rowan Daly
Styling by: Max & Fred
Set Design by: Federico Laboureau
Catering: Home Restaurant and The Guest House
Location: Wilhardt & Naud – Monica Macdonald
Hair: Ashley Wahler
Hair Assistant: Sasha Betts
Hair: Madison Clifford
Make up: Nazzi Husaini
Video: Matt Barker
Video Editing: Caesar Augustus