Dickson Moses is an African Born Fashion Photographer and Image Maker Based in Spain, He studied Fine Art In Africa, Professional photography In Alicante, Fashion And Comercial Photography In TooManyFlash Academy In Madrid, Mastered Photography With Nick Knight London. He has been featured in Major Magazines around the globe. Dickson flew to New York to shoot with Lapalme Magazine, we took time out to get to know more about him.

WHEN AND WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR START IN PHOTOGRAPHY? My Interaction with the camera started when I was Eight Years Old, that was when I use to still my Dad Polaroid camera to take pictures of anything that calls my attention, But I really started my Photography studies and career Here in Spain.

WAS THERE SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE THAT INFLUENCED YOUR PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY? My Dad, My Dad wasn’t a professional photographer but he has that passion for portrait, I think that influenced me a lot.

WAS THAT SOMETHING YOU WENT TO SCHOOL FOR OR DID YOU TEACH YOURSELF? Actually I spent Half of my photography career studying, I studied Basic and professional photography in Alicante, Spain, Afterward, I studied Fashion and commercial photography in Madrid, One year after I Graduated I did Masters in Fashion And Commercial photography in London. and am still learning, you never stop learning.

WHEN AND HOW DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE THE DIVE INTO PHOTOGRAPHY FULL TIME? Photography has been a hobby for me, All these years I spent studying I was also working on my side job, my passion for photography is so strong that I knew from the start that someday I will dedicate my life to it, that was the reason why I spent half my career preparing myself, Learning every day, Not until 6 months ago I finally quit my side job and started working full time as an autonomous photographer.

HOW HAS THE INDUSTRY CHANGED SINCE YOU HAVE STARTED? As we all know, the fashion industry changes continuously and we keep adapting to its changes in different aspect, the introduction of mobile phones with a high technology camera is one of those changes, I have seen designers shooting their product with an iPhone and Bloggers shooting with mobile phones, the worst part of it is they do it so well, How does this affect me as a photographer? Less photographic service demand, this revolution will lead to an evolution in the photography industry. Another change in the fashion industry is the Rise of fast fashion, and that Strongly affect high fashion, Companies like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara take ideas and styles from high fashion presentations, recreate the items in a more season-appropriate cut and lower the price.

HOW IS THE INDUSTRY DIFFERENT IN AFRICA, SPAIN, AND THE UNITED STATES? I think the difference in the industry in Africa, Spain, and the United States is the cultural diversity.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT IN YOUR CAREER? I don’t know why I take unusual pride about this but is one of many that comes to my mind right now, I bought some outfit online from Italy which was delivered to a wrong an address, so I had to call this shop and complain that I didn’t receive my items, they were kind of Rude at first saying the items had been delivered to the right address, after a long contemplation they ask what my name is and I guess they googled me which lead them to my work, There was a little pause in the phone, then I heard him say, I am looking at your work right now and am blown out with the awesome work you have, we spent another 30 minutes talking about my work which lead them to hire me for their next campaign shoot. I thought this was incredible, and it made me so proud of all the effort I put into my work.

WHAT DID YOU THINK IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION PEOPLE HAVE ABOUT YOUR JOB? I think the biggest misconception about my job is that a lot of people are Naive to what is in the other side of the final image, they don’t know the struggle and the work that goes into creating a shoot which leads to people demanding free work and client asking for ridiculous prices. 

Videography by Felix Estevez @travelplg

Direction by Isiuwa Igodan @iamisuwa

Video Assist Corey Higgins @coripher

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